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"Level Up" That's our slogan

Gamers' LAN Center is your Tallahassee gaming resource to play and participate in all types of gaming events. We have XBOX 360, Playstation 3, WII, a widevariety of games, and more. Gamers' LAN Center also keeps a fully stocked snack array to fuel your game marathon needs. With friendly, knowledgable, and helpful staff, Gamers' LAN Center is ready to help you and your friends take your game to the next level.


PC Pro Service
No "geek" talk. We speak english.

We are the Tallahassee area's premier video gaming center. We provide the best network environment and gaming atmosphere in town so you can enjoy the gaming experience you want with your friends. Why play video games at home when you can enjoy tournaments, free prizes, our Elite ranking system, and wide variety of games?


Pro Tournaments
Tallahassee's premier gaming center...

Play by the hour, or stay for the day Gamers' LAN Center offers play packages custom built for you. Whether you just want to kill some time and a few MoBs while waiting, or plan a full day of leveling your main and questing, we have what you're looking for. With hourly rate and full day packages, you're covered with Gamers' LAN Center. Free Hand Sanitizer & Clorox Wipes


Welcome to Panhandle PC
Tallahassee computer upgrade specialists...

We promise to always be professional and confidential. Your confidence in our services is number one to us. Web Designs •Virus & Spyware Removal •Tune-ups, Upgrades & Updates •Computer Repair/Windows Repair •Windows Training •Internet & Email Setup and Training •Website Design with Flash & Shopping Carts •Home and Business Networking •Wired and Wireless Networks Security and Setup •Custom Built PCs/Custom Software •Hardware/Software Installation.

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